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Duane Sherwood pool shot
Duane Sherwood pool shot

I feel like the the guy at the hotel in tropical vacation spots who is out there first thing in the morning drying off the outdoor furniture for the day’s guests. We have had at least one shower a day lately and then it gets nice. We like to start the day on the deck with the newspaper and coffee so I dry off the table and chairs each day. We have managed to slow things down and it feels like summer.

We made a racket in our neighborhood today by running the electric drill in the backyard all afternoon. I put a wire brush attachment in it and sanded off the old ivy that was growing on our concrete block house when we moved in. We pulled the ivy down a couple of years ago but the woody vine are tenacious.

It sounded like our neighbor down the hill was downing some work too but every time we think that we find out later that it is just their kid practicing his skateboard moves.

Duane Sherwood sent this shot of our neighborhood poolup today. He has a lot of his Rorschach photography on Click2vu.

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