A Big Mistake Is Better Than A Small One

Marlene Dumas "Illusion" detail
Marlene Dumas “Illusion” detail

If I lived anywhere near LA I would be at the Museum of Contemporary for the Marlene Dumas retrospective before it closes on September 22. I can hardly wait for the show to open in New York in December. I haven’t had time to paint on canvas in the last few months. All of my painting has been “en plen air”, on the house. But I have been thinking about painting and I am excited about getting back to it.

Marlene Dumas is great food for though. This quote is from a book of Marlene Dumas watercolors called “Wet Dreams”.

“For me watercolors used to be associated with failed artists (e.g. Hitler), retired politicians (e.g. Churchill) and Sunday painters. It was the most uncritical, non aggressive asexual thing to do. Then it’s image changed. Now everyone is doing it. Falling for this seductive, addictive medium, it’s hard to stop. Every little blob begs to be loved. It’s easy to drown in its sweet perfumes. So I try to raise the stakes. Increase resistance.

Unlike most painters, my watercolors, these days, are bigger than my paintings. A big mistake is better than a small one.”

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  1. I only discovered her when the NYT Magazine put her on the cover a few months back. Also looking fwd to the show: probably my first gallery visit in years.

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