Painting Houses and Crime Faces

Paul Dodd Crime Face #22 2008
Paul Dodd Crime Face #22 2008

It is not just a coincidence that we finished painting our house yesterday and that painting class starts up again today (see class listing below). My painting arm is in good shape, my mind is well rested and I am ready to apply myself to this most engaging discipline.

Don’t let the “Advanced” part of the description scare you. Sign up if you if you’d like to be a better painter. Fred Lipp is the best.

ADVANCED PAINTING – Creative Workshop – Memorial Art Gallery
Ten Tuesdays, 6:30–9:30 pm, September 23–November 25 [taught by Fred Lipp]
This studio is a place of camaraderie, concentration and honesty mentored by highly respected painter and teacher Fred Lipp. Your work will be carefully seen, reviewed, and nudged along, as you’re challenged to consider what you’re creating, why and (most importantly) how the painting works and can work better. Painters work in a variety of styles, manners and media. Register early as this class fills quickly.


4 Replies to “Painting Houses and Crime Faces”

  1. i love this painting. the background color, the colors of the hair, the zoomed-in quality, everything. hope u like it paul.

  2. I do like this painting but when I did the detail crop for the blog I realized that I liked it better than the painting. I think the chin line is to heavy on the painting. If I fix that I will like the painting as much as the detail.

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