Can’t Stop The Crimestoppers

Snowmen in front of the house
Snowmen in front of the house

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. The temperature was somewhere in the low thirties so it was perfect packing and we rolled these two dudes up.

I tried to help my dad by buying a harddrive so he good do a proper backup of his system but the Western Digital drive I bought at was defective so I spent a good part of the day getting an RMA number, repacking the thing and running it out to the UPS Store to return it. I took advantage of the trip to buy some new canvases at the Art Store in South Town Plaza. I bought six 20″ by 24″ canvases that were 50 per cent off. I was thinking of doing something other than crime guys but there was an enticing “CrimeStoppers” page in the paper this morning.


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  1. we (or in rich’s case “wii”) looked at your snowmen on our big-ass tv…they r so beautiful. they look alive, but also abstract. how u do that?
    hi p and p!!!

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