I See An Opening (Update)

John Gilmore at Paul Dodd Crime Faces Opening in Rochester, NY
John Gilmore at Paul Dodd Crime Faces Opening in Rochester, NY

Openings are the perfect opportunity to mark time and move on. What am I doing painting these anonymous mugshots from the newspaper when I have such colorful friends?

My opening was supposed to run from 7 to 9 and it went til 11. It was fun. The ginger snaps that Peggi made were a big hit. Someone told me they went really good with beer. I had really interesting conversations with Alice, my mom, Skip Bataglia, Jan Marshall, Peggi, Fred Lipp, Geri, Julie, Elizabeth Agate, and Elaine Heveron. I had a conversation with Beth Brown that fell apart. The one I had with Janet Williams was my favorite. She was standing in front of the close quartered wall of eight, where you could stand no more than four feet away from these guys, and she told me, “I wouldn’t mind being accosted by any of these people.”

I set the alarm in order to meet Peter Monticelli at 8AM at the Little in time to take my other show down before the next one got hung. This required a stop at Starbucks on the way. Once I was awake I remembered how nice the light is in the morning. I ‘m not talking like a painter or anything. I mean it was pretty out.


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  1. I’m sorry I missed the opening- I had a friend here from NY who bought me a dinner she has owed me for about three years.

    While I don’t know what direction you’ll head in I do think a change is always good. Think about the changes from New Math to Hi Techs to PE to Margaret X. Who could have predicted that path?

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