Flag Pins & Fireballs

Flag pins and Fireballs on the counter at Aman's Market
Flag pins and Fireballs on the counter at Aman’s Market

We live fairly close to four farm markets. There probably was a farm attached to each of these markets years ago but not anymore. They do manage to get fresh produce from somewhere and each of them has their own speciality. These flag pins and fireballs were on the counter as impulse items over at Aman’s Farm & Market on East Ridge Road last time we were there. We were returning some butternut squash plants that I had picked up earlier in the day. I was looking for acorn squash but couldn’t find it. In desperation I asked the clerk if butternut was the same as acorn and he said yes. He fooled me but not Peggi.

Wambach’s over on Culver is run Abby‘s family and they have a great assortment of flowers. free flowers on the sidewalk at night. And unless they have a security camera the ones out on the sidewalk are free at night. Vercruysse Fruit & Vegetable on Titus near the great House of Guitars has some tremendous corn when the season comes. You get to breathe second hand smoke and listen to Rush Limbaugh if in there in the afternoon. Our clear favorite for vegetable plants and seeds is Case’s Nursery on Norton. It’s a family run place and they still have some green houses attached and a nearby field.

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