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Cashing in our government issued digital TV coupon at Target
Cashing in our government issued digital TV coupon at Target

One day ahead of the June 12 cutoff we cashed in our $40 government coupon on a digital converter for our Samsung TV. We don’t have cable tv and hardly watch it at all but there might be another slow speed chase someday. We let our first coupon expire so we were determined to cash this one in before the deadline. We started at Sears but they were sold out so we went next door to Target and picked up a converter for five bucks above the value of the coupon plus an amplified antenna. We should now be able to get the networks and four PBS stations in high def, 16 x 9 aspect ratio off the air for free. I don’t imagine this will last forever. I’d be happy if I could just sit down and watch The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet of Jack Benny or Huckleberry Hound but I know that won’t happen.

Did anybody see my parents in the back page of the B section this morning? My sister took out an ad with a picture of them in the back seat of a car on their wedding day 60 years ago. If you see Mary and Leo wish them a Happy Anniversary.

Ever had a pet that you cared so much for that you didn’t even want to take a vacation?. Ornette, who seemed like a kitten for twelve years, is still alive but now appears like a ghost of himself. He might weigh four or five pounds tops and does not seem too happy. He ignores squirrels and chipmunks and just sits in the sun like an old man or he hides in the bushes because he realizes his defenses are down, way down. If he looked like he was in excruciating pain we would take him out to Dr. Barry Brown for his last shot but he is not there yet. He still digs fresh catnip from our garden and I love turning him on.

We ran into Martin Edic at a “social networking event” (cocktail hour) at Label 7 in Pittsford. We were there for dinner with Peggi’s mom. I had a delicious salad with spinach, grilled onions and vinaigrette andsome spicey tortilla soup. Peggi’s mom has her lobster pjs on now and I can’t wait to get home to Ornette.


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  1. It must be tough right now taking care of
    your cat, nice to hear he’s still going though.

    We let our elderly dog struggle on through
    all kinds of uncomfortable (for him) stuff.
    He still liked so much of his life, even in
    his compromised state, that it would’ve
    been cruel to cut anything short.

    I bet he’s glad to have you humans around
    to see him keep on trying to walk tall!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about Ornette, but I do hope you find your blogging to be cathartic. Btw…thanks for giving props to Amy about the happy ad.

  3. I was one who saw Leo and Mary celebrating their 60th anniversary in the paper. I also noted how one of the classifieds misspelled ‘Refrigerater’.
    but you know, Popwars has had its share of typos over the years too.

    Congrats Dodds!

  4. I’ve been getting digital over the air for a while. There were four PBS stations but now there are only three. 21.4 mysteriously disappeared a few months ago. Maybe it will come back tomorrow when I rescan.
    The ‘networking’ may have gotten me some work so I guess it was worth the trek to Pittsford.

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