Not In New York

Toy alligator on the road near Spring Valley
Toy alligator on the road near Spring Valley

I think we might have been set up by some kid for this one. We were headed over to Spring Valley to to forge our way though the overgrown woods when we came across thing. Peggi and I both thought it was real for a few seconds and then we quickly realized we were in New York.

Peggi had an assignment tonight to video Annie Wells with Phil Marshall and her NYC drummer so we raced over to the Little Cafe and plugged in. Mick Sarubbi was there with his recording rig and he slipped me a copy of Jenna & The Horse Lovers’ set from last weekend. (I gotta get the story on that name. I get the Jenna part.)

What a pleasant assignment. Annie sounded great. She did a Laura Nyro song for Peggi and a beautiful version of Dave Ripton’s “Heroin & People”. Jack Schaefer was there with his son and we smiled at each other when the song started. Jack and I both played that song with the Ripton band many years ago. Annie’s song to Edith Piaf, “Little Sparrow”, sounded great even without Ed Maris’s accordion. Peggi complained that my tripod was acting sticky when she panned. We’ll probably post one one the videos to Annie’s site.


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  1. Origin of Horse Lovers name: Originally, The Horse Lovers was the alter ego of The Phil Marshall Trio (same 3 effups in both bands). Phil’s full name, Phillip, means “lover of horses” in Greek.

  2. I’d love to hear that David Ripton song, if you recorded it… I’m a big fan! I got his ‘Poetry Sucks Me’ tape as a gift, and I’ve wanted to hear more forever. Do you have any of his recordings? I’d be most grateful!

  3. I’d like to get a copy of “poetry sucks me” as I’m the inspiration for “liquid”- I’m david’s brother rob. he’s well and in maine with his son jakob..clean for 7 mos. The rest of his stuff was during the years we weren’t in touch, but we now speak daily. He is some kind of person when he is sobered-up..David had an accident of-sorts and won’t play the same for a long while, if anyone can find some recorded tracks, I’d love to surprise him and me. Please let me know. I can be reached by e-mail-

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