Garbage Trucks In Reverse

View from Pier 45 restaurant on mouth of Genesee River overlooking Lake Ontario in Rochester, New York
View from Pier 45 restaurant on mouth of Genesee River overlooking Lake Ontario in Rochester, New York

It’s hard to believe that City has such a nice restaurant on its hands. Granted they had to build a giant terminal for the so called fast ferry to depart from and a suite of offices for the International Border Patrol to hang out in and then they had to buy the failing ship itself. The staff works for the Convention Bureau and they run this place as a not-for-profit. Somebody has to be making a profit because this place was packed on a slow night. They have a great location on the mouth of the Genesee overlooking the two long piers, Rochester Yacht Club, the Coast Guard station and O’loughlins. “Pier 45” is described as “fine dining in a casual atmosphere” and that pretty much nails it. Our server, Bart, was as nice as can be even though we took forever to decide what we wanted to eat.

We were called on to edit a ppt presentation for a talk on the inventor of the submarine that a client of ours is giving in Vermont. This sounded like a fun project but it was filled with technical challenges. The client is planning to travel with her IBM Thinkpad and plugging it into a projector for the talk. We purchased sound files from the iTunes Store and downloaded all sorts of crazy free sounds to punctuate the talk and constructed the show on our machines but when we slid it on to the Thinkpad the sound files got all jumbled up and some even started over when we advanced the slides. Some didn’t even work. The PowerPoint app that machine is quite old so we had to keep the laptop overnight, convert all the mp3s to wav files and embed them in the ppt file. The Thinkpad’s alert sounds sounded like garbage trucks when they put it in reverse. The original submarine was only a vehicle to deliver a bomb, actually attach a bomb, to the bottom of a British battle ship in midst of the Revolutionairy War. This never worked but the guy wound up with some pretty cool credentials.


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  1. I agree about Pier 45- it’s a great location but the place is dreadfully mismanaged. The service was so bad both times we went that they had to comp us drinks both times. The people were very friendly but very inefficient, which makes me believe it’s a management problem. And I can’t recommend the food- we had to send half the stuff we ordered back.
    Great place to have a drink and catch the view tho…I like the couches.

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