Doubled Float Margin Bug

The Marshing Band recording sessions in 2006
The Marshing Band recording sessions in 2006

Want to ruin your day? Try previewing the site you’ve been working on all day in Internet Explorer. We were fine until we had to duke it out with the “Doubled Float Margin Bug”. Then Radio Rick made our day when he played Margaret Explosion’s “Playground Tavern” on WRUR.

Last night we sat on the porch with the lights out. Peggi lit a few candles and we contemplated sleeping out there. It was a beautiful night. I started thinking about The Marshing Band sessions from 2006. We recorded without electricity up at Pete and Shelley’s on a battery operated M-Audio Microtech (as shown in the blow-up of the above photo) and we lit the session with candlelight. We sold that device and bought one made by Sony that records on the small SDHC cards. This unit takes has built in mics and ports for two external mics and it runs on batteries. We could do a killer recording when we meet up there this Fall.

Listen to the Marshing Band


2 Replies to “Doubled Float Margin Bug”

  1. “Playground Tavern” is thrilling, riveting, totally sad, perfectly extended, the music punctuating the endless dusk, the traffic signals choreographing the cars. If those people had crossed the street and walked toward the camera, it would have coincided with the end, and I would have jumped out of my chair.

  2. My thought about Playground Tavern is that it’s heaven. Like God probably would agree. Or. maybe it’s just the best video ever.

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