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We sent our next Margaret Explosion cd off for duplication and I submitted the new tunes to CDDB through iTunes. I had to pick a category for the type of music it is before it would allow me to submit so I chose “Jazz” from the short list. In the iTunes application however you have a much longer list and you can even make up your own categories. I don’t usually think about describing our music until I’m in situations like this. I found a category in there called “Psychedelic Jazz” and pretty much works. I didn’t know there was such a thing.

There is a student show up over at the Creative Workshop and the director asked us to write a short blurb about what it is that inspired us to paint whatever it is we painted. Most art types balk at describing their work because the work is supposed to do the talking. Some people, though, love “Artist’s Statements” and long descriptions or histories of the artists. At many shows these days the placards next to the painting severely detract from the work.

That being said, I did spend some time thinking about why I paint what I do. And I came up with a succinct, two word statement of my inspiration. “Human Nature”. I am interested in exploring why I am drawn to the subject matter of my choice. I am interested in creating a dialog about this subject through the work and then I’m interested in how people around me react to what I put down.

They didn’t use my artist statement and that’s fine.

Here’s Pete LaBonne’s track “Artist Statement” from his Earring Records cd entitled “Glob”.


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  1. I think they teach you how to write these things in art school. One of the terms I’ve heard is “Ramblecrap”. I’ve had to write some for submissions lately and they always sound embarrassing no matter how hard I try. Maybe I should just send them Pete’s tune.

  2. I’m going to go with “Ramblecrap”, Richard- I totally agree! The work SHOULD speak for itself. Hasn’t anyone here ever taken a decent art history course?

  3. …umm I’m just following my muse while rediscovering the line in my inner child while connecting with the collective consciousness of the friggin’ universe
    thank kew.

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