Half Full, Half Empty . . .

Half Full, Half Empty, Fuck Off Coffee Cup
Half Full, Half Empty, Fuck Off Coffee Cup

A few years back I was having a discussion with Mike Deming and he said, “Oh yeah, you’re the ‘half full’ guy”. And I usually am so I didn’t argue. I spotted these coffee cups in a gallery in Williamsburg last weekend and recalled that quip. I had always heard the “half full, half empty” part but didn’t know there more to it.

Back on the street, our host, Duane, pointed to some of the newly painted bike lanes there and he told us a bit about Mayor Bloomberg buying some votes by having the lanes removed before the election so the Hasidic community didn’t have to look at scantily clad women as they rode through there neighborhood. It all sounded whacked but it’s a real story.

I road my bike to the post office this afternoon in fifteen degree weather and because the sidewalks are snow packed I stayed on the road. It gets crazy where Culver meets the Expressway. I’m thinking of painting some bike lanes over there when the weather breaks.


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  1. The bikers are planning a nude bike ride thru the hasidic neighborhood tonite at dusk, just as they are all getting out of synagogue.

    Not fully nude – underwear. after all it IS winter.

    But winter may rule the day, as there’s a big storm approaching that is supposed to be dumping up to 10″ on the town by then.

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