Auto Tune This

You know that Pete LaBonne song where the guy fine tunes a radio station until it goes off the air? I spent a good bit of the day today in a dentist’s chair listening to an all Christmas satellite radio station. I don’t think I heard a single song with auto tune and yet it seems the entire top forty has been auto tuned.

And another thing. I made some hummus yesterday with a big can of Goya chick peas and a regular size can of Goya kidney beans. Peggi was working on these tables for a client and she called me into the other room while the hummus was pureeing.

The food processor started making a really loud grinding noise and we both looked at each other and at the same thinking “WTF?”. I went back out to the kitchen and it stopped. I pictured a frozen jalapéno from our garden temporarily stuck under one of the blades.

Tonight when we returned from our Margaret Explosion gig we both dove into the hummus and Peggi hit a hard nugget of something. She spit it out and it looked like wood. The hummus tasted funny too and I was thinking it was because I used too much garlic. We threw it away. I guess I could go back to Wegman’s with it but I wonder what Rich Stim would advise.

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  1. In 1918, a Mississippi man, Bryson Pillars, became ill after chewing on tobacco. The cause: A “human toe with flesh and nail intact” had ended up in his package of Brown Mule Chewing tobacco. According to the Pillars, the toe “crumbled like dry bread” and caused him to “foam at the mouth.” His doctor determined that Pillars was suffering from ptomaine poisoning (no pun intended). He sued R.J. Reynolds and won. The judge, presumably a tobacco chewer, established a simple standard: “We can imagine no reason why, with ordinary care, human toes could not be left out of chewing tobacco.” Pillars v. R. J. Reynolds Tobacco 78 So. Rprtr 365 (1918). I haven’t been able to locate anything regarding hummus, however.

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