Getting Out

Family in Dobb's Country Kitchen near Great Bend, Pennsylvania
Family in Dobb’s Country Kitchen near Great Bend, Pennsylvania

We drove along the eastern shore of Skaneateles Lake on the way down to my brother’s place. We got behind a few farm vehicles that slowed traffic to a crawl until they pulled off in to a field. My parents were in the back seat and we were looking for a place to stop for lunch. We’ve eaten at Dobb’s Country Kitchen in Great Bend before but my father said it wasn’t very good last time they were here. We took our chances any way and sat next to the the group above.

My father asked for mashed potatoes instead the fries that would normally come with his sandwich. The waitress said, “That will be a dollar extra” and my dad approved the expenditure. About five minutes later she came out out the kitchen and asked if he wanted gravy with his mashed potatoes. My father said yes and we went on with our conversation. The food came out and my father had fries next to his sandwich. He mentioned this to the waitress and she took my fathers plate back to the kitchen. We sat there with our food on table until she returned with the same plate and said, “We’re out of mashed potatoes.”

Gas is cheap down here, $3.49 a gallon, so we decided to fill up across the street. The gas station was truck stop huge and they were cranking some country music like everyone loves the stuff. On top of that they had tv monitors built in to the gas pumps showing headline news and commercials. My dad and I were kind of wowed. We really ought to get out more.

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  1. I love to say the word Skaneateles. Gas is $4.18 here, if you are lucky. And we have plenty of mashed potatoes, here on Oakland. Come on over, all y’all.

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