Model 102

Sprinkler on diving board at the pool
Sprinkler on diving board at the pool

I helped my neighbor do a few repairs to the pump down at the pool today and I had to move this old lawn sprinkler out of the way. It is unbelievably heavy and probably worth a few bucks down at Krieger’s just for the scrap metal. “Model 102” is stamped in the metal along with the manufacturer’s name, “Beatrice. F. D. Kees” of Nebraska. I looked them up on line and found they were started as a gunsmith shop and later patented and produced corn-husking hooks and innovative products such as a window defroster for automobiles and a moving lawn sprinkler that resembled a farm tractor. This photo shows one in good condition. It shows it chasing it’s own tail. I plan to hook ours up and see how it behaves. I heard that Dick Storms from the Record Archive used to have the world’s largest collection of lawn sprinklers but I think he got out of that line of work.


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  1. when i first saw that just now, I thought it was a little radio controlled helicopter from Road Warrior.

  2. Those were actually pretty prevalent when I was a kid – I rmember seeing them around.

  3. I so want this. Can you drive across country and bring it with you? We’ll make up a room for you.

  4. I have a Model 102 and use it a lot, i just love it. I can not find a name on it just Model 102 XAB and OIL ME.I went to many sites in search of who made it and any other info i could get especially its value. The rear wheels on mine are a little different mine are smooth and no red. i was on a “Kees” sight but there was just a Model 102 and 103 but couldn’t find Model 102 and i knew for sure they were made because i have one. Where was the name located on it? Mine is in excellent condition like the one in the picture.

  5. Just totally rebuilt a 102 kees walking sprinkler, it’s one great sprinkler and I know there very valuable , smart engineers back then

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