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The Sodus Art Bank in Sodus New York
The Sodus Art Bank in Sodus New York

Almost November and we’re still harvesting tomatoes, red peppers, jalapeños, eggplant and spinach. We came back from the garden with two bags full this morning. That “cooler by the lake” thing that we have going in the Summer works in reverse during the Fall so we’ve managed to miss the hard frosts. I’m looking for an eggplant recipe in a separate window and will report back.

I love the idea of an “art bank” or I should say my idea of what an art bank could be since I have no idea what this place is all about. We had dinner at El Rincón in Sodus and spotted this sign on the main drag. I looked it up online and found remnants of a collective that fell apart years ago and has since let their domain name expire.

I’m thinking of a place where art truths and treasures are stored and protected. Last night in painting class Fred Lipp told Peggi “You can take that to the bank.” He was on a familiar roll, the one where he convinces you to trust your eye and not your mind (or the plan you started with). You trust your eye when things are right on. You just know before thinking about it, and when there is something wrong, as in “I’m not sure about this passage… is there something wrong with it?” For that there is this truth: “If the question comes up, the answer is yes.” Every town should have an establishment that protects these foundations.

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  1. Over a glass of wine with three artists we talked about the community of creative souls in our region over the last 50 years. I began to speculate about the concept. A living, evolving history including some facts, some opinions, some first-hand comments, maybe some visual examples and perhaps some oral history. Writing it in a web format could make far richer than a bound and printed document.

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