Buona Fortuna!

Palermos Market in Rochester, New York goes out of business
Palermos Market in Rochester, New York goes out of business

Artist and drummer, Pete Monacelli, has been doing some construction work for us. He wears three hats at least and he likes to start early, like 8AM, and yesterday he caught us still in our jammies. He told us the best thing about woking here is how close we are to Palermo’s on Culver Road. Palermo’s is old school with a big communal table and Italian newspapers. They have the best sausage and olives this side of the pond, six dollar meals that out did Wegmans down the road, good advice on the perfect main dish for many of our family gatherings and a deli case that had me drooling every time I set foot in there.

I went up there the other day to pick up some lunch and found this distressing sign on the window. There is a liquidation sale there tomorrow but I think it will be too sad to attend. They’re closing on their tenth anniversary but the note had an optimistic tone in that the owners, Guy and Jill, say they are “following another career path.” I wish them all the luck in the world.

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  1. it’s a shame my brother in law told me over twenty years ago they had great sausage, he was right! good bread and soups too! sorry to see them go

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