PopWars 1947

Pop bottle caps from basement w in our house
Pop bottle caps from basement w in our house

We’ve got a little project going in the basement that involves moving a concrete block wall. It is surprising how easy it is to bust out a concrete wall. Like a lot of things in life it’s just one small step at a time. We knocked a sledge hammer (or maul) against the first block until the mortar cracked and then we moved on to the next block. The bottom course had some souvenirs in there, bottle caps from beverages consumed when this place was first a construction site, back in the late forties.

I expected to find Genny caps in there but had never seen the “Ale” cap. I used to like Ma’s Root Beer and I sort of remember their “Imitation Cherry Soda” but we called soda “pop” around here and still do as a matter of fact. Interesting they would use the word “Imitation.” Now days they would just call it “Cherry Soda.” The Royal Crown, Squirt and 7up were all national brands. I don’t remember “Cliquot Club Pale Dry” from Rochester’s Qualtop Beverages and I don’t remember “Park Club Beverages” either.

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