Boom Boom Town

Lower Falls of Genesee River in Rochester, New York
Lower Falls of Genesee River in Rochester, New York

Rochester became a boom town with the the success of the flour mills that capitalized on the river’s force. That same force cut a pretty impressive north/south gorge through the state creating the “Grand Canyon of the East” in Letchworth before it cut through the center of the city on its way to Lake Ontario. And all that flour was shipped via the Erie Canal to points east and west.

The canal still crosses the river in Genesee Valley Park. They fill the canal in the Spring by opening that connection. But years ago the canal crossed the city on Broad Street, a waterway bridge that was built over the river. This marvel is still there and if it was up to me the city would reopen the intersection. Rochester would again be a boom town just because this thing would be so cool.

Personal Effects '"A Collection" CD on Earring Records released in 2008
Personal Effects ‘”A Collection” CD on Earring Records released in 2008

Boom Boom Town / Violince 05:39 Written, performed and produced by Peggi Fournier, Paul Dodd, Bob Martin and Martin Edic with Kevin Vicalvi. ©1988 Earring Records. From Personal Effects’ Cassette “90 Days In The Planetarium.”

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  1. I’m sure you know the tag, ‘Rochester, the Flour City’ became ‘Rochester, the Flower City’ (lilacs and the rest.) I always thought it cool that the city fathers could enjoy a good word play.

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