Dumb Luck Or God

"Mob Jr" license plates on car at Wegmans
“Mob Jr” license plates on car at Wegmans

I really like the new “More” revamp of our daily paper. I suspected Gannett was just trying to sell us less as more but there really is more local coverage and I am thankful for that. There has been some great reporting on the thievery in Maggie Brooks’ organization and new scandals in Mayor Lovely Warren’s cabinet. And the story today about the 70 year old guy who shot himself in the hand at a local restaurant was thoroughly entertaining. He was showing his gun to a friend and a round went through his hand, struck his leg and grazed his friend’s ankle. A family with a baby was sitting at the table next to him and the story quoted the baby’s mother as saying the shooter kept repeating, “I’ve got a permit.”

The new national news section is all picked up from USA Today but there is more there than we used to have, and by chance, USA Today picked up a photo from the AP that showed a man sleeping on a subway grate in Washington DC, and because our paper carried the photo, his family in Rochester spotted him and were able to reconnect. According to the story, the man’s mom claimed “God took this photo” and the local police chief claimed “It was pure dumb luck.” I love thinking about the distinction between God and dumb luck.

I pointed out “Lucille” license plates on a car in Wegmans parking and Peggi pointed to the car next to that one with “Mob Jr” on their tags so I photographed it. I would love to see a nostalgic piece in the paper about the Rochester’s mob days.

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