Big Heart Benefit

Magnolia Warbler on our patio in Rochester, New York
Magnolia Warbler on our patio in Rochester, New York

I’m happy to report that this Magnolia Warbler shook off its collision with our window and flew away shortly after I took this picture. I hope there was no lasting damage.

I was knocked out once by three fraternity guys. I was a freshman at Indiana sitting on a stone wall near the street waiting for my friends to come home. I had sort of long hair at the time and a car drove by and someone yelled “faggot.” I flipped them the bird. They circled the block, stopped the car and three guys in blue windbreakers with yellow Greek letters on the front came at me. I got a few punches in but these guys were swinging like they wanted to kill me. I came to with my face planted in the sidewalk. My nose was broken and my jaw was dislocated. And my glasses were completely smashed.

I was in the charcoal section of Rochester Art Supply this afternoon when Sally Wood Winslow walked by with her RAS bucket. She and a few other employees fill the buckets with Amazon orders for virtual customers. Peggi was in the next aisle picking out a tube of watercolor and I heard her talking to someone. Turned out to be Jim Mott buying small canvases for paintings he’s doing of the migrating Warblers.

Joe Monacelli Snell works there as well and we said hi. We were just at his mom’s funeral on Tuesday. Pete and Gloria Monacelli have organized a benefit (six kids, no mom.) Six bands play and there’s lot’s of art for sale with all proceeds going to the family. This Sunday at Hochstein School of Music 6-10PM. Margaret Explosion starts at 8.


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  1. I know what happened to those three guys. One died in a DUI (nobody else was injured, thank god). Another guy suffered burns on his arms while spreading lighter fluid on the BBQ. He blew off the antibiotics, suffered infection and died from secondary sepsis. The third guy escaped embezzlement charges during the 2008 downturn (though his home went underwater), ran for state senate as a tea party candidate but blew that when his wife caught him french kissing a baptist minister. Nowadays, I think he’s a motivational speaker.

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