Spacing Out

View from car on the road to Maine
View from car on the road to Maine

“Do you have any idea why I pulled you over,” he asked as I rolled the window down. I went with, “I have no idea why you pulled me over.” He said I clocked you at forty-seven in a 30 MPH zone. The speed limit was 55 last I looked and I apparently missed the sign that dropped it to 30. It was a speed trap and he had me.

Thing is I wasn’t driving fast to get somewhere in a hurry or anything. I just spaced out. No excuse, I know. So when are these Google cars going to hit the market. I would be perfectly content to leave the driving to the robot.

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  1. Arg, did you get a fine? My best story: coming off the Highway in New Zealand after a night shift at the newspaper — the highway rolls right onto the main road for about 2miles. “I saw you bouncing along the road way back out there,” the p.officer said. I was going 90k, probably in a 50. I don’t remember what I paid. Probably $225.

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