Get Off The Main Trail

Fallen trees in woods near Durand Eastman Park, early Spring
Fallen trees in woods near Durand Eastman Park, early Spring

So scientists aren’t sure whether this will be a good or bad year for ticks. The constant snow cover could have insulated them for a bumper crop or the fact that the white mice population was down last year may mean relatively few ticks. The article in the paper said you can pick them up in your lawn so I don’t know if we’re asking for more trouble by scouring the woods for deer racks or “sheds” as the local rackaholics call them. We have found ten or so since moving up here and only on a few occasions have we wandered off trails just for that purpose. They are just there like golf balls and 22 ounce Budweiser cans. We did find two in the last few days by leaving the trail.

Gap Mangione emailed about helping with a new album and I thought he was asking us to put a link to the new album on his website so I said “yes.” But he was asking if we would do the artwork for the cd so we had a project. He’s getting inducted in the local Music Hall of Fame this weekend and he wants to have product for the ceremony. The cd was recorded live in Toronto with a quintet and it sounds really good. Peggi did most of the work and the cd should be out by the weekend.

Speaking of piano. The grand piano at the Little Theatre is worth a hundred and fifty thousand. It needs about twenty thousand dollars of work though if they want to sell it for the 150. They are considering it but meanwhile Pete LaBonne will be here on Wednesday night to sit in with Margaret Explosion on piano. Pete was an original member and he takes the band to uncharted territory.

Personal Effects album "This Is It" on Earring Records 1984 EAR 1
Personal Effects album “This Is It” on Earring Records 1984 EAR 1
Personal Effects – “Main Trail” outtake from Personal Effects “This Is It”
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