Secret Sidewalk

Secret sidewalk in Rochester, New York
Secret sidewalk in Rochester, New York

We tried to find this secret sidewalk years ago. I forget who it was that told us about it but we gave up. Olga, recommended it the other day so we gave it another shot. It is not as close to Charlotte as we thought. In fact the entrance is twenty one big houses down Beach Avenue from the Charrlotte bath house. We counted so we could tell others.

The sidewalk runs behind the David Geffen style homes that line the beach, between the homes and the lake. So as you walk westward the patios and boat houses are on your right overlooking the lake and the backs of the homes are to your left. There is a statue of the Virgin Mary at the end with about ten rosarys draped over her arms. When we got there we turned around and walked back. You feel as though you’re going to interrupt a croquet game but everyone is very friendly.

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