Regressive Neighbors

Crooked Hillary sign on Lakeshore Boulevard in Rochester, New York
Crooked Hillary sign on Lakeshore Boulevard in Rochester, New York

Politics is rude, everything about it. You don’t discuss it in polite company. You discuss it at home or with friends and like minded people. We were riding our bikes down Lakeshore Boulevard today when we spotted this gem. Political lawn signs are especially rude because there is no discussion.

My cousin used to be the first house you come to as you travel west along the lake, but then they built a house behind them, actually on the lake but the driveway runs off Lakeshore so they are the first house you come to now. And after that is the house that Ted Turner stayed in many years ago when he sailed Lake Ontario with the owners of that big grey place. This sign is in front of The fourth house after the beach where the owner spent most of the past year building a big berm around his property.

While I was taking this photo Peggi spotted the camera mounted to the tree above and behind the sign. You can see the camera in the blow-up of this photo. He was getting footage of us as we laughed at his sign. We speculated as to whether he was capturing audio or not and just in case Peggi looked at the camera and asked him what he thought of the recent Russian connections to Trump.

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  1. I know the guy who made that sign. He is practically a Nazi. He has lawsuits against all his neighbors for imagined wrongs. He has illegally blocked the beach access with a break wall. And I’m pretty certain he is armed to the teeth. It’s no joke, these people are insane.

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