B. O. B.

Bob Martin promo shoot for Personal Effects Mana Fiesta album on Restless Records
Bob Martin promo shoot for Personal Effects Mana Fiesta album on Restless Records

At the end of every song last night the chanting started up. Maybe it was the three big, white, cardboard cut-out letters hanging over the piano like one of Calder’s mobiles. It was Bob’s last night with the band. He is moving to Chicago and we will miss him.

Peggi and I have played with Bob for a long time. He answered a call for a guitar player back in the early eighties. We had just disbanded Hi-Techs and were forming Personal Effects and he came down to our rehearsal space. It was scary how quickly he picked up on what we were trying to do. Scary like we were left wondering if he was too good for us.

We played together for five years, five albums or so, and then Bob moved to DC. When he returned we were playing in an early version of Margaret Explosion. He sat in with us at the Bug Jar and the next thing you know he was back in the band. We’ve been playing at the Little Theatre for fifteen years now. But nothing lasts forever.

Bob has developed an incredibly rich guitar palette. He will be irreplaceable and that is the mark of a true artist. That’s why the audience last night chanted “Bob, Bob, Bob.” I joined in.

Listen to Bar Car by Margaret Explosion

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  1. I remember when he ‘tried out’ for the band. We went through a dozen originals and he cruised through all of them. We never tried anyone else. Years later he noted how crazy some of our songs were with key and tempo changes…guess he adapted! Sorry I couldn’t make it Tuesday.

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