Illustrated Fish

Fish guy at Wegmans in Pittsford Plaza with his drawing of a fish.
Fish guy at Wegmans in Pittsford Plaza with his drawing of a fish.

My grandfather was a butcher. It is a craft. He took great pride in his work and it was evident when he cut off a big slice of freshly made liverwurst and passed it over the counter to me. He also owned the store so salesmanship, good business practices and knife work were required for him to become successful.

The Asian behind the counter in the fish department at the Pittsford Wegman’s had all these skills. We were considering buying some Red Snapper. (The fish at the top of the picture above is a Red Snapper.) We had made it a few months back. We baked the whole fish and split it down the middle before plopping it it on our plates. It was delicious but we had to eat each small bite very carefully as it was full of bones.

The fish guy told us he would cook it exactly as we did and then eat it with chopsticks because he knew how to pick around the bones.  He drew the fish (above) in a few seconds. He even made the fish smile. He illustrated where to look for the various bones. He grabbed another fish, one that he had just filleted, and suggested we cut the fish open before we bake it, remove the bones, put it back to gather like a whole fish and then bake it. 

His presentation was so good Peggi that told him that Wegmans ought to video him and share his tips on their website. He liked that idea and said he would propose it.


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  1. What? Your grandfather was a butcher? Mine too! You were a carpenter? I framed houses too! You dropped out of college? I flunked out so that’s almost the same. You’re a drummer? I played drums in the high school marching band! These coincidences are suspicious.
    You’re a musician? Hell I listen to music on my ipod! You write a blog? I read it! You used to have an Element? Me too! This is scary!
    You have a religious fetish? I have an anti-religion obsession! You lived in Tim’s apartment? Me too! This is way beyond serendipity.
    You paint pictures? Damn, I’ve got a couple!

    Parallel universes or what?

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