Shut Down

Snow covered green at Durand Eastman GolfCourse
Snow covered green at Durand Eastman GolfCourse

I feel as though I accomplished something even though it took the best part of the day to straighten out our Apple ecosystem. I mentioned how our iTunes stream crapped out during our party. The Airport Express, sitting next to our stereo, lost its wifi connection but it still had the green light on. I only found that out the next morning when I opened Airpot Utility and saw it had no signal. I rebooted the Express and my computer and then HomePod played what it wanted while something else was coming through the stereo. I tested HomePod by asking Siri what the definition of is is and then “When was the War of 1812?” I learned that HomePod remembers commands and when we asked it to shuffle music, it will until it gets further instructions (which it lost when the Express went under). And I found out where you go to control it.

I got up the guts to turn iCloud Music Library back on in iTunes and stuff flooded onto my iPad mimi and I’m good to go. What did I learn? I’m thinking maybe I didn’t unplug the Express long enough in order for it to straighten itself out. It is good to shut everything down. It fixes things. Pete LaBonne wrote a song about it, “Shut Down,” on Glob. I’m planning on shutting down right now.

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  1. I used to be an Apple fanboy but that has changed. I bought a tiny MacBook this year and it’s great. And I’m writing on my iPad Air 2. But my phone is Android, cost 1/4 of an iPhone and a lot of things work better than the iPad. Googled integration of email, app as and everything else is pretty amazing. My music and video are an Amazon Air with Prime and Alexa. That’s pretty mindless too. I use Windows at work and still find it as stupid as ever.

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