Underside of the Susan B. Anthony Frederick Douglas Bridge in Rochester, New York
Underside of the Susan B. Anthony Frederick Douglass Bridge in Rochester, New York

Am I the only one who misses the early html days? When websites were fun, both to design/program and visit. Before php, css3, html5, responsive coding and social media. I accept that the answer to my initial question is yes so let’s move on.

While standing under the Freddy Sue Bridge I was thinking about this piece I did on the Refrigerator back in the day. I couldn’t even find it online. There were no links to it but it is still out there floating around like a whole lot of other content must be. I managed to find “Click On A BridgeTo Go Under” only by looking at the local copy on my computer and surmising what the url might be. Digital photography was brand new when I did it and that was probably the only reason the photos looked interesting to me at the time. They were only one half or one gig photos and from a camera that was terrible in low light.

In 2001 I did a piece for the “Hide & Seek” show at Pyramid Art Center. It was a digital installation and it ran on a pc at the gallery during the show. It was sort of a digital maze. I visit it every once in a while thinking that it might have totally fallen apart but it has held up pretty well. I’m afraid to look at it on a mobile device. – Check it out.


4 Replies to “Underside”

  1. I like your typo – “it is still out there floating around like a whole lot of other contentment must be.”

    I like to imagine theres a whole lot of contentment floating around somewhere out there…

  2. I fixed the “contentment” to “content” typo (and a couple others) but Duane’s comment still stands. There is quite a bit of it floating under that bridge.

  3. I don’t miss the old days of web dev at all. Trying to communicate with coders who don’t understand design? Ugh. Too primitive for me.

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