Tiny House

Red ice-fishing tent on Durand Lake in Rochester, New York
Red ice-fishing tent on Durand Lake in Rochester, New York

These lakes in Durand Eastman are so small. I can’t imagine what kind of fish people pull out of them in the dead of winter. There must be something else to this ice fishing sport. I picture some incredible homemade soup and black coffee from a Stanley steel thermos. Maybe the guy in this red tent is reading the morning paper.

When Peggi’s parents came up here for six weeks one summer we bought them a temporary subscription to the Democrat & Chronicle. At the time we were subscribing to the afternoon paper, the Times Union, but we picked the D&C for them because it leaned to the right. Well, they found it too left wing so that did’t work out. And the golf course in Bristol, near where they were staying, was closed most of the summer because it was the rainiest on record. The Times Union disappeared and I don’t want to see the same fate for the D&C.

Did anybody see David Andreatta’s column on the former Monroe County Supervisor? I know print is dead for most people but we can’t just tune out. I worry that many of my neighbors already have. Why else would we have paid Maggie Brooks for 23 years at the public trough? How about Steve Orr’s reporting on the abuse and coverup at McQuaid? While newsprint slips away the local team here is working harder than ever in hopes that enough people care enough to pay a few pennies a day for online access to keep them informed. Don’t be a dumb ass. Give it up.

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  1. The D&C has been dead for years. Andreatta is the only voice left- the rest are automatons. We need a real news outlet and a newspaper isn’t it. For more in depth stuff read the Rochester Beacon, a not profit online paper started by some friends of mine. It’s really good but strictly focused on issues, not lightweight crap. Gannett is a hollowed out company that has lost its way. They don’t hire journalists, they hire ‘content creators’.

  2. How Mr Edic gets his opinions is a mystery, and the way he continually shares his contempt only adds to the culture of hatred. He certainly doesn’t sit in on the Gannet meetings where they are trying everyday to fight for a working paper.

  3. I dont live in Roch any more, and I burned thru my ‘lifetime’ 10 free stories a long time ago. On other sites its 10 stories a month, but not the ‘exclusive’ D&C. 10 free for life and thats it. It used to be a big paper, I was a news carrier and it used to be hard to fold & throw. Now its like paper airplane.

    But truth be told, the elephant in the room is the public. If they demanded and would support a real in-depth local newspaper, they would have it.

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