Italian Modernist Poets

Peter Monacelli "These Are My Rivers" at Colleen Buzzard's Studio
Peter Monacelli “These Are My Rivers” at Colleen Buzzard’s Studio

“I have revisited the ages of my life. These are my rivers.” – Giuseppe Ungaretti

Giuseppe Ungaretti, 1888-1970, was an Italian modernist poet, journalist, essayist, critic and academic. Peter Monacelli is an Italian modernist poet, artist, musician, critic and academic. He had a second opening on Friday for his mini retrospective, “These Are My Rivers,” at Colleen Buzzard’s Studio. It takes at least two visits to take this show in. This time I was blown away by this cluster of nine exquisite pieces. Pete’s wall tag was the recipe and icing on the cake.

“These are my Rivers. A symphony in three movements.

1st Movement: Searching For Home
For that place we knew before we were affected by the world, before we gave up our innocence too cheaply.

2nd Movement: Escaping Extinction
Religions promise of an afterlife: Informed by 1950s sci-fi movies.

3rd Movement: The River
The river is a symbol for Gloria. After the rain.”

That’s a lot to work with.

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