Summer Of Our Years

The Rich Killed NYC graffiti in Brooklyn
The Rich Killed NYC graffiti in Brooklyn

I needed an extra cup of joe this morning so I suggested stopping at the coffee shop on Exchange Street up near the Elmwood Avenue Bridge. Its pretty laid back in there but we managed to get waited on and my latte was perfect. They have a nice little stage and sound system for bands and I noticed the cooler was stocked with 3 Heads The Kind. Margaret Explosion needs a few summer gigs so I notice these sorts of things.

We walked up the west side of the river from the Ford Street Bridge and back down the east side to Gloria’s house in the South Wedge. UR was really quiet as school is already out for the summer. We picked up some small kale plants at the CoOp and planted those as soon as we got back. Our cilantro came back, a little late for some reason, but we we won’t have to plant any seeds this year.

Rick cancelled our horseshoe match so we will just get an early start on the three month free HBO package that Spectrum TV was forced to give subscribers for some sort of bad behavior.

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  1. The walk along the west side of the river offers a little sojourn into the woods in the city. Sometimes I take a bus up Plymouth and walk home from there. My first novel reimagines that neighborhood just south of the Ford St bridge on the west side…I’m still fascinated by it.

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