Everyone’s A Winner

Furry black guy at Rochester Contemporary 6x6
Furry black guy at Rochester Contemporary 6×6 show

Still no strawberries. The clerk behind the counter a Aman’s said they had two suppliers and both said they expected their strawberries to be ripe enough for market by the end of this week.

I finally won at horseshoes. First time this year. My neighbor keeps track of these things. We’ve played eight times, best out of three, and he had won them all until yesterday.

We may be overusing our iNaturalist app. We are stopping at every strange looking tree and ordinarily ones that we should already have in our database. Today we identified something we thought was an unusual oak as a Silver Maple, and two different Locust varieties.

We stopped in RoCO’s 6×6 show and this furry guy caught my eye.

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