Summer Reading List

Walkway along Sea Breeze Way along the Bay
Walkway along Sea Breeze Way along the Bay

I have a different book for each location and I’m working my way through the batch at the same time.

I bring Eduardo Chillida’s “Writing” down to the pool with me. I picked the paperback up at Hauser Wirth in Chelsea last time we were down there. I’ve read it a few times. Its that kind of book. I have every other paragraph circled.

I’m reading “The Autobiography of Frederick Douglas” on my iPad, a powerful first hand account of our grisly past. I was really struck by his depiction of slave masters raping their female slaves, creating more slaves with lighter skin who looked like and were beaten by and sometimes favored by their father.

Peggi and I are both listening to “Bitten” by Kris Newby from It’s “The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons” and it plays like a vampire story but much worse. We’re about two thirds of the way through and we just had to talk a break. I resist conspiracy theories but this one is irresistible.

I picked up a copy of Dr. Bill Valenti’s book, “AIDS: A Matter of Urgency,” from one of those little libraries in our neighborhood. He was an early AIDs specialist and I had heard he mentioned early local patients by name. I thought I might come across Tim Schapp, Danny Scipione, Bobby Moore or Larry Fritch, all friends and early victims, but I didn’t. Not much of a book, just a bunch of well deserved thank you to people who devoted so much to that fight.

I finished “The Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand” last night. It’s a beautiful book of photos with one hundred essays, one for each photo, by Geoff Dyer. Winnogrand and Dyer is a perfect match of manly artists. Winogrand’s photos are graphic, animated, visual novels and it is delightful to stay on the spread, slowly reading an essay while continually studying the photo.

I have Amy Rigby’s “Girl to City” and Sonja Livingston’s “The Virgin of Prince Street” preordered from the Apple Store.


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  1. Hey Paul, just an aside, how did you get hold of “Writings?” The publisher pages says it is not out until October.

    Nice reading list though. I am reading The Life of Plants (Emanuel Coccia — could take care of the Lyme division — Cocia says we are all connected through plants). Also something on the Amish as I keep bumping into Amish youngsters hanging out barefoot and hatted in the Byrne Dairy down Waterloo way.

  2. Chillida’s “Writings” was published by Hauser & Wirth. They currently represent Chillida. I picked the paperback up at Hauser Wirth in Chelsea last time we were down there.

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