Bycycle towing a Kayak in Summervile
Bycycle towing a Kayak in Summervile

To this day Summerville, on the east side of the Genesee, and Charlotte on the west side are distinctly different communities. Both developed before there was a bridge over the river. There’s historical markers detailing the port of Charlotte’s role in the War of 1812 and the Summerville side is pointed to as an early resort town, an escape from the city.

We took a walking tour of both, a leisurely stroll of the expensive boats in the Port of Rochester and then paused on the O’Rourke Bridge where we looked down on the bustling shipyards in Summerville. In the center of this photo you can see a man towing a kayak with his bicycle. We had lunch at Schooner’s, under an umbrella out on their deck and we watched boats drift past.

We bought some locally grown apricots, plums and corn at Herrama’s and stuck our head in the new Murph’s. There’s a stage in there that would be perfect for Margaret Explosion.

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  1. Technically where you were is not Summerville, which is north of the old Hojack line. RYC is in Summerville, Shumway is not. But it gets blurry because some homes south of lakeshore have deeded beach rights…other borders are the lake, the river, and the western edge of Durand Eastman.

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