Walkin’ 9 To 5

Sign saying something along coast in Portugal
Sign saying something along coast in Portugal

I have to thank Peggi for that title.

We watched Portugal win 3-0 over Luxembourg in the UEFA EURO Qualifiers in our room last night. Ronaldo scored the second goal.

Tonight we’re staying at a place on the town square in Caminha. We had some vegetable soup at the place next door. We were too tired to walk any further. Our room faces Santa Tecla Mountain in Spain. It is right across the Rio Miño But we won’t enter Spain until the end of the day tomorrow when we cross the river. We’ll follow the river inland from the ocean to Tui where we will hook up with the Central Caminho Portuguese.

The sun hasn’t even set and I’m ready for bed. It was an eight hour walk today and tomorrow’s Is longer, about thirty two kilometers. I just watched a fellow pilgrim walk across the square. Not that we’ve seen him on the Camino, I could Just tell he was a pilgrim by the way he was walking. I know how he feels.

We have not run into many others on thIs Camino. For the first few days we crossed paths with a mother and daughter. They were really cute and fun to see. Not sure where they were from but they didn’t speak English. And we met a couple from Australia this morning. They were about our age. We talked to a young guy from Germany who was walking with a woman from Austria but we saw both of them walk by later, when we were sitting in a café, and they weren’t together anymore. We passed others but they we’re unmemorable. We had coffee this morning with a woman who told us we were the first pilgrims she saw back in Porto. English was not her native tongue but I gathered we were somewhat memorable.


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  1. Love following (WARNING: Overused phrase ahead!) your journey!

    The shit going on here is bad and good. Bad because it’s disgusting; good because it’s being exposed. If it isn’t fixed through traditional politics, there are alternatives.

    As in our anti-war days, I draw a distinction between violence against people and violence against property.

  2. These posts are an island of sanity during my morning reading of the news, which is otherwise dispiriting. I just booked a monthlong railpass with Amtrak for November. I’ll be circling the US. And writing about it on Medium.

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