Hearty Greens

Fresh Kale from the garden in Refrigerator Hat
Fresh Kale from the garden in Refrigerator Hat

We skied from our front door through the woods into the park and around the golf course almost to the lake before turning around. Of course we stopped often, just to marvel at a tree that was hanging on to its color or a sign of life. Unless you have lived in this climate for say your whole life you don’t appreciate how dramatic the winter palette can be.

On our way back we stopped in the garden to find our kale still kicking. We didn’t have a bag so I filled my hat.


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  1. sometimes I get quizzical looks when I try to explain my love of the the winter palette, often subdued with occasional shocks of color. I saw a news item on RNEWS of a small shop selling local artists and crafters items (Little Button Craft) they were selling a art coloring kit for Rochester winter – it contained 4 crayons black, white and two grays…

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