Pulling The Plug

Turquoise camera case on Durand Eastman beach
Turquoise camera case on Durand Eastman beach on Lake Ontario

There were a lot of people on the beach today, like maybe twenty, twenty five. All it took was a little sunshine. And there was more beach to walk on than there has been. I’m wondering if the lake level is already going down for the season. The Saint Lawerence shipping routes are closed for the season so they have lowered the level there. We still have four other Great Lakes upstream of us so we will probably each record high levels again this Spring.

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  1. I was down there on Sunday and had not seen the lake level in Durand in awhile. Only over on Rock Beach where there is a lot of beach and it’s harder to judge. I was shocked by how high it is and the serious erosion. You can’t walk on the beach, at least not where we were. Right now we have the biggest outflows in history and it is not going down. Going to be a rough spring again I think.

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