Another Wednesday Night At Home

“Off The Corner” by Margaret Explosion. Video by Stephen Black.

We miss the people who come out to hear the band. We miss the Little Theatre Café, the rotating monthly art shows, the espresso, the Scotch Ale, the lively conversations and the laughter (all captured on the live recordings we make at the Café). But most of all we miss playing with our bandmates, improvising and creating skeletons of songs from thin air. We want to thank you all for supporting the band for so many years. We hope you all stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all on the other side. 

We watched the PBS special on Miles Davis las night. I loved it. There was a period there, 1968 to 1975, where each album he released blew my mind. I couldn’t get enough of the stuff. “On the Corner” and “Get Up With It” were my favorites but every lp or live double lp from this period is phenomenal in my book. Eventually I grew to love the earlier albums.

The song above, recorded at the Little Theater in 2014, is Margaret Explosion’s tribute to Miles. The video was just recently created by Stephen Black.

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  1. The On the Corner bass player, Michael Henderson, inspired me to buy a fretted Precision bass. I love his playing. He was playing bass for Stevie Wonder when Miles Davis heard him. After the show, Davis talked him into joining his band. Miles went up to Stevie and said, “I’m taking your fucking bass player.”

    If anyone’s interested, the intro to Holly-Wuud (on the Complete on the Corner Sessions) is in my opinion the coolest intro of all time, edging out Captain Beefheart’s I’m Gonna Booglerize You Baby.

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