Thou Shalt Not Wear A Mask

Worshipers at Durand Eastman during the pandemic.
Worshipers at Durand Eastman during the pandemic.

The parking lot at Durand Eastman Beach was packed this morning, as crowded as it is on a hot summer day. And this was one but it was still early. And these people were not dressed for the beach. They had their Sunday finest on. Many of of the women looked as if they had made their own, the long skirts and head coverings. You’d think they would have made some masks for their families.

Celestial music was playing from a sound system and the hillside which slopes down to the beach was crowded. A row of men dressed in all white were dunking parishioners in the water. The crowd was entirely white and no one was wearing a mask.


2 Replies to “Thou Shalt Not Wear A Mask”

  1. Last night in MLK Park downtown there was a huge event, over a thousand people, African American mostly. I don’t know what it was. It might have been religious but there was no social distancing. I didn’t see if there were a lot of masks. And no cops that I could see. These people above and last night are going to ruin this thing for all of us. But I don’t know the answer to this stubborn idiocy.

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