Looking Up

Jet stream above house on Wisner
Jet stream above house on Wisner

Today was a good day for looking up. With temperatures in the seventies and the sky a pure blue it was easy to forget about politics for a few brief minutes. As I took this photo a woman on Wisner came out of her house to ask if she could help me. I always say “no” in these situations but Peggi decided to defuse the situation by explaining that I was not taking a photo of her house and she pointed to this plane.

We hooked up with Kathy on Peart Avenue and walked with her down to the lake, over the bridge into Webster. At Durand Boulevard two eagles flew just over our heads. We talked mostly about the election and when we passed a woman that Kathy knew we chatted with her about the election. On the way back we spotted our neighbors out in their yard and we chatted with them about the election. Back home we read on the porch for bit and our neighbor, Jared stopped by to chat with us through the screen. Without exception everyone was depressed to learn that a larger turnout only meant more people were equally divided. But things are ever so slightly looking up.

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