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Four chairs out front in the snow
Four chairs out front in the snow

I follow the Bills on Siri. “Hey Siri, how are the Bills doing?” It’s much easier than watching the games. Buffalo is in their third playoff game today, this one with the Kansas City Chiefs, and if all goes well they’ll be in the Super Bowl. You can tell when its game day around here. It’s just in the air and noticeable in our football loving neighbors’ pattern.

I like European football. I realize that makes me a snob. I don’t like having to watch a commercial between every play. I like 45 minutes of non stop action and then a bathroom break. People who complain about the paucity of goals in soccer just don’t see the beauty in the game. And American football players are too big for the most part.

We watched Real Madrid win last night. They are in second place to their crosstown rivals but they look better to us with their masterly passing control. Their coach, Zinedine Zidane, is out with Covid. We recorded a couple of matches today. We’ll watch Atletico play later tonight and Barcelona tomorrow. Atletico’s last match had a first for us. Their opponent, Eibar, had their goalie take a penalty shot against Atletico’s goalie. He scored on the sensational ter Stegan but Atletico went on to win. In Barca’s last match we watched the great Messi lose it. He swatted an Athletic Bilbao defender out of frustration. He will be forced to sit on the bench tonight.

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