31 Day X-Country Streak

Big snow roll in the Commons
Big snow roll in the Commons

Peggi once told me that winter is her favorite season. She was born in February and she suspected that might have something to do it. I love winter too especially when it is what hearty people call “a real winter,” long periods of below freezing temperatures with plenty of snow. I feel especially fortunate that we are able to share our enthusiasm for the season with each other.

I like shoveling snow and when they are calling for a significant amount I get out there a few times to reduce the load and just because it is fun. I shovel in my slippers when I grab the papers. We had a neighbor, last name “Painting” (which I thought was pretty cool), who would keep his driveway spotless in winter and we assumed he was obsessive. The neighbors surely think that of me now.

Winter naturally is a time to hunker down. We go out to ski in the woods and then come back to hunker (I assmue hunkering includes projects). Winter during a pandemic has been deep and rewarding. We miss going to to galleries but have found a bounty of beauty in the woods. The art pieces there are all three dimensional. Photos do not do them justice. The form of each tree is unique especially in decay.

This morning we found this big snow roll at the bottom of a hill near our ski path.


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  1. I have heard many times the statement that people prefer the month / season they were born in . Well , now it’s official.

    From a study done at Vanderbuilt Univ. :::

    “The season in which babies are born can have a dramatic and persistent effect on how their biological clocks function.

    That is the conclusion of a new study published online on Dec. 5 by the journal Nature Neuroscience. The experiment provides the first evidence for seasonal imprinting of biological clocks in mammals ”

    So , there you go .

  2. But Johnny, I always say that I was born in autumn, but my birthday is in spring… Why?? Because I moved from one hemisphere to the other as a young teen.

    To wit, a brother of mine once missed his birthday entirely, because we skipped a day traveling across so many time zones on a 24 hour flight…. it’s true!

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