Skins On?

Hill on golf course in the snow
Hill on golf course in the snow

Barcelona was tied 1-1 with Real Betis at the half when the phone rang. It was our friend, Danita, and her clinic had extra doses of the Moderna vaccine. She signed us up for Monday afternoon, a perfect birthday gift for Peggi’s birthday. We started calling friends, the ones in our age bracket anyway, to tell them about the extra doses. We interrupted the Super Bowl for most but found quite a few takers. And then we got back to our game. Like magic, Messi came off the bench and in dramatic fashion he put one in.

Since we had to get in the car to get our vaccine and because it was Peggi’s birthday we made a few other stops. Aman’s Farm Market first where we bought more apples, both eating and baking. 8 quart baskets of 20 ouncers are $3.99 and they are perfect for applesauce. The woman behind the counter asked if we kept our skins on or took them off. Second stop was the new bodega on Park Avenue where we picked up a few sandwiches and cappachino, Peggi got a mushroom, gouda and and egg sandwich. I had smoked salmon and cream cheese on a bagel. I picked my monitor and prize money at RoCo where my slideshow won an award in the Members Show. And finally out to Trillium Heath for the needle. The waiting room was filled with our friends. A super spreader event.


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  1. We got ours, thanks to you and Danita. A relief. I guess Lucia is having a reaction today, chills and a headache. She had Covid in October so that may have something to do with it. I’m good so far. Guess we were there just before you.

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