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Utility company artwork on sidewalk
Utility company artwork on sidewalk

We probably won’t be able to watch as much television when this pandemic is over and that is probably a good thing. Maybe we can trim our programing bill. We’re finding some dynamite stuff on HBO. “Olive Kitterridge ” is the best thing we have seen since Breaking Bad. Our bass player, Ken Frank, turned us on to that one. Frances McDormand kills it and Richard Jenkins, who plays her husband, is sensational.

A few years back we rationalized getting an Apple Music subscription by looking at the monthly costs as the price of buying one album. Yesterday we streamed Pharaoh Sanders new one, his first in twenty years, and Archie Shepp’s duo with Jason Moran. It was the early seventies all over again and it felt good.


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  1. Early 70s vibe continues w/ Dr Lonnie Smith & Iggy Pop newly duetting on Timmy Thomas’ “Why Can’t We Live Together”

  2. I love Elizabeth Stout as a writer because of her quirky characters. I’ve read a few of her books, including Olive Kitteridge. The HBO miniseries was even better than how I read the written word, thanks to the superb Frances McDormand. Strout wrote a sequel called “Olive, Again” in 2019. Thanks for the reminder because I haven’t read that yet.

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