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Roll of string from a garage sale
Roll of string from a garage sale

We have had this roll of string since the late seventies. It has to be the best item we have ever bought at a garage sale. It was quite a bit wider then, almost as wide as the base so you see how many usages we have found. I remember being attracted to it because I had watched my grandfather wrap so many pieces of meat behind his butcher counter.

We took it down to the garden this morning in order to tie our tomato plants up again. They are all about three feet tall. We started our walk at the garden and continued on from there so I carried the string the whole way, stopping to take this portrait on a sidewalk. Peggi said she hopes we last as long as the string.

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  1. I inherited 2 of those, cleaning out my aunts house in NJ.

    I have the same memory as you , watching butchers & bakers tie up pkgs. Brown paper wrapped postal pkgs too.

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