1975 – 1969

Lorraine Bohonos paintings at 1975 in Rochester, New York
Lorraine Bohonos paintings at 1975 in Rochester, New York

The empty Little Bakery building is a sweet spot. I miss the bakery but was I am happy to see someone else has filled the space. The art gallery 1975 has a group show up there now and it features three beautiful “Untitled” watercolor or tempura paintings by Lorraine Bohonos. Lorraine was in our painting class before moving to New York and glad to see she has returned. My lopsided observational skills see her striving for the same elusive communication of human expression that I am shooting for so there is a real connection here. I came home from this show and rounded up a new batch of models, this time from a Chicago newspaper.

On the way out I took three of Gallery 1975’s small, promotional “1975” stickers and cut them up to form one “1969” sticker which I put on my drum case.

Margaret Explosion CD "1969" (EAR 10) on Earring Records, released 2003
Margaret Explosion CD “1969” (EAR 10) on Earring Records, released 2003

Listen to Margaret Explosion – 1969

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Moment vs. Delivery Time

Durand Eastman in late Fall 2008
Durand Eastman in late Fall 2008

It will be a relief to play as Margaret Explosion tonight. The gig we did as Personal Effects required rehearsal time, stamia and earplugs. The night before Thanksgiving is usually a good night at the the Little. A woman from my high school class came to see the band when she was in town for our reunion and she asked if her husband could sit in with us on piano when they came back for Thanksgiving so we’ll see what happens.

Last night was my last painting class for the year. Lorraine Bohonos had some beautiful paintings near completion and Geri McCorrmick is breaking out of her concentric mandalas and Maureen Outlaw worked on the end stages of three fantasy scenes. I worked on a crime guy’s honkin’ neck all night. I still seem to spend a lot of time fumbling around trying to find a solution to a problem that I created. These kind of activities test my patience even though I know it is the process that I must learn to enjoy.

Margaret Explosion is a relief because it is all about the moment where Personal Effects was mostly about getting it right for the delivery.

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Red Dots

Lorraine Bohonos paintings at 6x6 Show at RoCo
Lorraine Bohonos paintings at 6×6 Show at RoCo

We got to the opening of RoCo’s 6 by 6 Show too late to buy a Lorraine Bohonos painting. They all had red dots on the them by the time we got there. All the work in this show is six inches by six inches and it is all for sale at twenty bucks a piece. There were over three thousand pieces in the show, some by big name artists and it was all displayed annonymously. RoCo keeps the money and they made some, judging by the number of red dots. We wandered around for hours and kept finding things to buy. I’m happy the show was such a success for them. We finished the night over at Abiene where I managed to beat Bill Jones in 8 Ball.


No Vacation From Painting

If you are a painter there is no downtime. This is the way it is. My painting class is in recess for the holidays but we will soon be back in the basement of the Memorial Art Gallery on Tuesday nights. And in the meantime, we paint or think about painting. Thinking about it heightens the moment when you are are standing in front of a blank canvas. “This time it will be different”, for why would you want to repeat yourself? This isn’t rock and roll.

I just posted some photos of paintings by people in my painting class. Lorraine Bohonos and Alice de Mauriac are two of my favorite painters and it is a joy to watch them paint. I think you will like their paintings.

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