Red Dots

Lorraine Bohonos paintings at 6x6 Show at RoCo
Lorraine Bohonos paintings at 6×6 Show at RoCo

We got to the opening of RoCo’s 6 by 6 Show too late to buy a Lorraine Bohonos painting. They all had red dots on the them by the time we got there. All the work in this show is six inches by six inches and it is all for sale at twenty bucks a piece. There were over three thousand pieces in the show, some by big name artists and it was all displayed annonymously. RoCo keeps the money and they made some, judging by the number of red dots. We wandered around for hours and kept finding things to buy. I’m happy the show was such a success for them. We finished the night over at Abiene where I managed to beat Bill Jones in 8 Ball.


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  1. Paul, I was really sorry to have missed the opportunity to buy this work as well. It sold really fast. Do you know how to get in touch with her?

  2. Lorraine is in my painting class at the Memorial Art Gallery’s Creative Workshop. Fred Lipp teaches the class and he the the best painting teacher in the world. We just had our last class for the summer last night but it will start up again in the Fall. A lot of us keep taking the class because there is no end to what you can learn from him. And who doesn’t want to improve their work? The class is also fun. I can usually reach Lorraine by email.

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