We Are Being Played

Pete and Shelley in Stoney Creek
Pete and Shelley in Stoney Creek

Jaffe tunes the 9 foot grand piano at the Little Theater and we were chatting with him last night. He told us he’s been playing keyboards in a band with Frank who lives on the same street as Bob Martin and my parents. Jaffe told us this isn’t a coincidence. “We are being played.”

This afternoon I was on 590 coming back from my parents’ place and I was listening to a really cool accordion song on WRUR’s Italian radio show. I was wondering if Jaffe plays accordion and thinking he probably does. I look to the right and who’s in the car next to me? Jaffe with a big smile.

Our friends Pete and Shelley are probably maple syruping up in the Adrironacks. There was an article in the paper about the maple syrup process and it made me think of them. Next thing you know Pete’s “Arouse The Thunder” came up in iTunes.

Listen to Arouse The Thunder by Pete LaBonne

Lyrics and chord changes can be found in the sixth entry down on this page.

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