Cezanne still life
Cezanne still life

The pool temperature hit 70 degrees today and the air is supposed to be near 90 this weekend so summer has begun. One of the past presidents of the pool club told Peggi to add chlorine tablets even though the chlorine reading was above normal. He said, “I know it’s counterintuitive”. We are trying to figure this out.

I have been painting a lot in the basement, putting a push on before the last class next week. I’m ready to start spending more time outdoors. We have tomato plants, jalapeño, basil and cilantro plants in the garden. We don’t really have a garden. The deer would get it if we planted anything here. Our neighbor, Leo has an extra lot that he has put an electric fence around and he lets us use space in there.

I brought a painting into class tonight that had some wacky eyes. One was too low but expressive. The pedestrian way I painted the nose and mouth killed the expression in the eyes so the thing needs work. My teacher suggested that I look at Cubism. He said it started with Cezanne and was driven home by Picasso and Matisse. He found a reproduction of Picasso’s “Gertrude Stein” painting that perfectlyly illustrated what he was talking about. I did a little google research and found out Picasso and Stein were both influenced by Cezanne.

I’m getting the picture that I need to be more expressive. The elements of my faces have to carry more form. Thinking about this will be my summer project.

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  1. First, as your attorney, I’d remind you that statistics indicate that the person most in risk of danger from pool chlorination is the person in charge of adding the chlorine to the pool. Second, a statement that is counterintuitive is one that is contrary to what common sense would suggest. Your attorney is not opposed to the use of trichloro-s-triazinetrione, the stabilized form of chlorine in the tablets you are using, but beware those tablets are powerful stuff and can strip out the copper inside of a swimming pool heater. When dealing with powerful chemicals, common sense — not counter intuitive (and unsubstantiated) claims — should prevail.

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